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Turuglitz Couture

At TuruGlitz, we are committed to providing the best fashion and design services including a well structured training programme. We are involved in sales and designing of fabrics for Men, Women and children with the aim of making our clients stand out in every function, with the involvement of a team of dedicated, experienced and creative designers, we produce exclusive styles. To meet the intended purpose and expectations of our clients, Turuglitz_couture utilizes a combination of the finest and durable fabrics like the African Prin (ANKARA) & Western Fabrics with emphasis on fine finishing, comfort, affordability & most elegant designs. Our core services are Bespoke Tailoring, Ready-to-wear and Training.     

Why should

choose us?
Our styles and stitches has over our 5 years of consistent practise pushed African trends not leaving out the essential purpose of making African men and women look stunning, gorgeous and beautiful.
We pride ourselves in our quality. From quality process to quality fabrics to quality delivery and quality customer satisfaction, we ensure our Turu lovers enjoy the quality our brand promises and the smile our brand leaves.
Don’t be an uncle thomas…something great is in the shop…give it a look…